Defective and old mobile service in Karnah Kupwara

By CJ Rayaz Ahmad


A 2G mobile tower was installed in Karnah kupwara about Three years ago to provide mobile service to natives. Although the tower was runing at best in some days ago but now tower has totally stoped its activity, and the tower is totally unsuitable as we compare it with modern technology being 2G only, the mobile tower is not upgraded to 4G or 3G by BSNL authorities even after making so many request a local said to India online. Nither the taking pain of installing more tower in Karnah Sub Division. People in the area are in great trouble as they are not able to communicate with each other, maney people are unemployed the need timely Job News, Students are not able to receive exam notifications to proceed further, even the people in the offices are also upset as the want to transfer data to higher offices there is no cheap means for them to do so. Many areas in karnah subdivision are yet to connect there is no even 2G availble in this digtal era. In short the Karnah Sub Division is Totally in the Darkness people want to resolve their problems but no one is taking their pain.

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